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  In 1939 Canada and China lost a mutual hero. His value to both nations was in part based in his nonconformity and his dedication to "the little guy". A skilled surgeon and a dedicated communist who did not mind "tweaking the noses of those who are puffed up with their own importance", Dr. Norman Bethune blazed a trail of service and self sacrifice that stands today as meritorious and worthy of praise. We beatify those who exemplify that most Christ like of all character traits, sacrificial service to others. We award them Peace Prizes, Nobel and others and laud them from the rooftops as "one of ours". This praise was not sought by Norman Bethune and on the Canadian scene he is not listed as a great Canadian. In fact, his heroism is noted on the other side of the world where every child in school learns of that "Great Canadian friend of the Chinese people". Mao's essay in praise of his service is read in every public school in China and there is not one person of the 1.4 billion in that nation who do not revere his memory.
We are priviledged to share in his legacy in one small but very meaningful way. Just mention that you are Canadian in China and all the local folks smile and remember Dr. Bethune to you. I have seen this reaction in the large Metropolis of Shanghai and the smallest of villages in the south of this great nation.
Our Institute is determined that the memory of this great servant of the people will live on in good deeds done for the people of China. In our case that means that we will teach folk how to teach English in our TESOL program, provide used books to poor areas of China through our Books for China program and save the lives of female babies through our Pink Pagoda campaign. We will also try to find worthy students who will carry on in the tradition of Norman Bethune and become Physicians in China. Our first recipient of the Dr. Norman Bethune Memorial Medical Scholarship lives in Yantai, Shangdong Province. His name is Dexin Qu.
Without our help this young man would not have the opportunity to use his talents to heal the sick. We are pleased to be able to help.

Thank you for visiting this website and sharing your time with us. If you are interested in learning more about what we are and how you might help us in reaching our goal of serving humanity we invite you to contact us. Take a look at the contact us tab in the index. Thanks again for your interest.

"The longest journey begins with that first step"
Pink Pagoda Pink Pagoda is the charitable arm of the Bethune Institute. Its sole purpose is to save baby girl from infanticide in the Peoples Republic of China. Due to China's one child policy, some parents in unfortunately choose to murder their baby girl to make way for a boy to carry on their name. It is in response to this failed policy that we formed Pink Pagoda. To date we have saved over 26 000 baby girls and for our efforts, were nominated for the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize. For more information on Pink Pagoda click here. To make a donation click below.